Building Management System (BMS)

Building Management Systems are widely used in various business sectors, such as office buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, schools and many other facilities that require efficient, accurate and automated building management.

BMS is a software and technology suite that helps you manage and monitor your building’s performance and resources more efficiently. It includes various centralized automation solutions for unified lighting, indoor climate, energy consumption, building security and access systems management.

Such a system can significantly reduce energy and resource consumption, optimize business operations and improve the work environment for employees and customers. In addition, using data analysis capabilities, the building management system can help you improve cost efficiency and identify opportunities to optimize your building’s performance in the future.

The range of BMS installation and setup services includes the following:

  • Consultation on the most suitable solution for your building;
  • Technical project development / selection and delivery of necessary devices;
  • Design (2D / 3D);
  • Automation controller installation;
  • Programming of functions and settings;
  • Technical service and maintenance of the installed BMS system.