Smart home solutions

Development, programming, and installation of individual and personalized smart home solutions for private homes, commercial buildings, and factories.

Remote control of installed systems through smart devices, applications, Amazon Alexa smart home control systems, and the connection of various devices in the building for more convenient use and functionality (lighting, heating, ventilation, video surveillance, security systems, multi-room, blinds, etc.).

Electrical installation

Electrical installation works of various size and complexity for both individuals and companies. Our team consists of certified electricians and engineers. All jobs are performed in accordance with current building regulations and standards. We use the latest high-quality materials from leading producers.

Video surveillance / security systems

Licensed installation of technical security, security systems, video surveillance – conventional and perimeter alarms.

We install products from Satel and other leading manufacturers that will not only provide complete building protection, but also ensure full coverage of the adjacent territory. If necessary, all security devices can be connected to other building functions – lighting, heating, etc.

Building Management System (BMS)

BMS is a software and technology suite that helps you manage and monitor your building’s performance and resources more efficiently. It includes various centralized automation solutions for unified lighting, indoor climate, energy consumption, building security and access systems management.

Such a system can significantly reduce energy and resource consumption, optimize business operations and improve the work environment for employees and customers. In addition, using data analysis capabilities, the building management system can help you improve cost efficiency and identify opportunities to optimize your building’s performance in the future.

Solar panels

Free energy from the sun for your property 

Solar panels are a smart solution that can help you achieve multiple goals with one investment. By installing solar panels on your roof or ground, you can: 

  • Save money on your electricity bills by using less or no grid electricity 
  • Boost your property value by adding a desirable feature that attracts eco-friendly buyers 
  • Preserve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint 
  • Charge your electric car at home with clean and free energy  
  • Earn money by selling or storing excess electricity with a battery or net metering program 

Solar panels are easy to maintain and last for decades. They only need sunlight to generate electricity for your home or business. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and quote. 

Electric vehicle charging

To enjoy the advantages of an EV, you need reliable and smart charging. We provide: 

  • Free consultation and equipment choice 
  • Electrical calculations and equipment from reputable suppliers 
  • Installation, testing, and commissioning with certified and calibrated tools 
  • Integration into existing or new installation 
  • Smart charger configuration to automatically charge when electricity is cheapest 
  • Options for preferences and budget: 
  • Fast charging stations for public facilities, workplaces, etc. 
  • Slow charging stations for hotels, private residences, etc. 

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